Find Top Rated Schools When Searching for Austin Apartments

You are a concerned parent and want to ensure that your children benefit from every advantage available to them. You know that education plays a significant role in your child’s development and sets the stage for the rest of their professional lives. You are always on the lookout for institutes that provide only the finest in education and have on several occasions moved your children to better their chances in the world once they leave your nest. Therefore, it’s very important to consider the schools when looking at apartments in Austin. Whether you are looking through the Austin apartment listings for a roomy place in the Shady Hollow or the Circle C Ranch neighborhood, Austin has a number highly rated schools that excel in many different areas of interest; such as, academics, the arts, and sports. Let’s take a look at a few of the top rated schools in Austin.

Elementary Schools

Casis Elementary School is located at 2710 Exposition Blvd. Casis is highly rated with recognition in basketball and chorus. Students have consistently scored in the high 90th percentile in reading, writing, math, and science on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Test, also known as TAKS.

Valley View Elementary is highly rated due to the high test scores on TAKS and the focus on chorus. Over the last few years, students have scored in the 90th percentile and above in reading, writing, math, and science. Parents praise the focus the principal and teachers give to the individual needs of the students.

Forest Trail Elementary, located at 1203 Loop 360 South, is also highly rated due to its high accomplishment in chorus and the high percentile of scores the students achieve on the TAKS test. Students have scored in the high 90th percentile or higher in math, science, and reading.

Middle Schools

Hill Country Middle School is one of the top rated middle schools in Austin with a band that excels and sports teams that do very well. Located at 1300 Walsh Tarleton Rd., this school has very high academic achievements with the students scoring in the high 90th percentile in reading, writing, math, and science on the TAKS test.

Westridge Middle School, located at 9201 Scenic Bluff Drive is known for its accomplishments in band and in football. The students at Westridge have scored in the high 90th percentile in math, reading, and science on the TAKS test for the last couple of years.

Canyon Ridge Middle School, located at 12601 Country Trails, excels not only in academics but also band and basketball. The students have scored in the high 90th percentile for reading, writing, math, science, and socials on the TAKS test.

High Schools

Westlake High School is located at 4100 Westbank Dr. in the highly performing Eanes school district. This school excels in many sports along with the arts. On the TAKS test, students score in the high 80th percentile or higher in all subjects.

Westwood High School, located 12400 Ranch Road 620 N., is known for being highly competitive in sports, drama, and academics. Students score in the 90th percentile in all subjects on the TAKS test.

Lasa High School, located at 7309 Lazy Creek Dr., also has very competitive environment when it comes to academics. Teachers push the students to do their best and excel, because of this, the students score in the high 90th percentile in all major subjects on the TAKS test.

These are just a few of the many high ranking schools in the Austin area. Deciding on the schools you would like your children to attend will help you to narrow down the neighborhoods to search for your next Austin apartment.